As capitalism’s old paradigms have failed to deliver on their promise to “lift all boats,” a new generation of for-profits, non-profits, co-ops, and hybrids have emerged with a commitment to their workers, communities, and the planet. United by a shared belief in social justice and sustainability, these ventures are the organizations of the “new economy”—a growing and diverse global movement of people and organizations that believe the economy should serve human needs and take care of our planet and natural resources.

Specializing in both traditional and new economy law (benefit corporation, cottage food, sharing economy, crowdfunding, etc.), Cutting Edge Counsel offers a full menu of legal services to organizations of the new economy. From start-up through financing to ongoing operations and succession planning, we work with clients in every phase of development.

Having contributed to shaping new economy laws, we are uniquely poised to navigate them for our clients. With our low overhead and flat-fee pricing models or competitive hourly rates, we help our clients spend more of their resources on what they do best—generating impact.

Cutting Edge Counsel. Because the new economy needs cutting-edge legal services.